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pet insurance dogAre more pet owners getting pet insurance? Reports and research says yes. There are a number of reasons why but the most obvious one is because of the emotional bond that pet owners have with their pets. They're just like a family member to them and you want to make sure they're taken care of. Also with the rising cost of veterinary care, pet owners are finding out that it's actually cheaper in the long run to get pet insurance for these types of visits.

In 2015, at least 65% of U.S households have at least one pet and have spent at least $15 billion dollars on vet care. That's billions not millions. Veterinary visits and care are increasing each year. Not because vets are trying to gouge you, but because of new technology and better care services that are getting better.

While some people get pet insurance for big emergencies (pet insurance claims usually account for high-cost pet care that range from $2000 to more) some offer services for regular pet care check up as an addition to the regular pet insurance care.

Policy: Personalized policy gave Juno a $5,000 Annual Maximum after meeting a $200 annual deductible and a 20% copay.
Actual Vet Bill: $968.36
Reimbursement From Embrace: $774.69
Summary: Because of the personalized plan, for this particular incident, Juno's parents only paid $193.67.

To learn more, please see our complete list of pet insurance companies. All if not most offer you a free quote so you can see which plan is best for you.

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