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Chewy Goody Box Review

Before I get started on this review, let's get one thing out of the way!

disclosure: I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.” back to today's review which is the Chewy Small/Medium Goody Box. I requested this box because it fits my Yorkie (cause asking for a large size Goody Box I think the toy would be the same size as my Yorkie). If you have other size dog or other pets, you can check out the appropriate size Goody Box.

Not going to bore you with TOO many words since I think the photos I took will give you a much clearer idea of what to expect when you order a Chewy Goody Box.

First off is always the first impression. My wife beat me to opening it and her first words was "SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!" that's a winner of a first impression.

The team at Chewy didn't just pick some goodies and tossed it into a brown box. They took the time to design a great looking box that you'll want to keep/hoard for more stuff later. (at the time of this writing, my wife has already taken the box somewhere).

The cool thing about Goody Boxes is that you don't know what you'll get inside each feels like Christmas. For a brief moment I felt like a kid again opening up a present.

Da-da! Check that out! I was expecting some treats and some toys but personally I'm going to have a lot of fun putting that bandana on my dog. So let's check out what came in this month's Goody Box!

USA Bones & Chews Beef Recipe Patty 1-Pack (link)

Frisco Plush Egg & Yolk 2-in-1 Dog Toy(link)

USA Bones & Chews Bully & Beef Flvaored Filled Bone Dog Treat (link)

American Journey Turkey Recipe Grain-Free Oven Baked Crunchy Biscuit Dog Treat (8oz) (link)

American Journey Landmark All Natural Chicken Freeze-Dried Dog Treat (3.5oz) (link)

Chewy Bandana (link)

There are links to each product next to the product name if you're interested in checking out them out. But wait! There's more! Include was a really well-designed insert with some cool information that you can actually use with your pet. Here's some photos I took of the inserts to give you an idea.

But the real verdict is was my yorkie happy with her goody box? let's take a look and see which was her favorite!

okay...ofcourse the treat was her favorite. Also being grain-free was a bonus since she's older and we're cutting down on her grain intake. The bandana was my favorite but she was okay with as long as she got a treat after this photo. 😉

In anycase, we enjoyed this Chewy Goody Box and think it's a great choice for those who are looking to give their pet something different each month or if you have a family member or friend that have pets would definitely enjoy this.

Price-wise, it's a good value for what you'll get if you were to purchase them separately. Also the convenience of having the team at Chewy hand-pick great products and having it delivered to you is a great bonus especially if you have a busy schedule.

Click here to learn more about the different Chewy Goody Boxes for all pets! Hope you enjoyed learning more about it! Take care!

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