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Trupanion helped save Noodle and all the people who love him. I've recommended Trupanion to everyone with a pet, and plan to offer it to my employees and gift a year's worth of coverage to my friends who can't afford plans. . . .I can't thank them enough for their help. - Brian O.

Trupanion started in 2000 and is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (TRUP). It's one of the largest pet insurance companies in the nation and you can be assured that they'll still be around when you need the coverage. The Trupanion team even though they're part of a larger corporation than others, still consist of people who have and love pets of all types.

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  • One Simple Plan To Pick From
  • 90% Coverage
  • No Payout Limits
  • Hassle Free Claims

Trupanion makes it simple with one easy plan to pick. There is no limits or caps on your coverage and you can pick what you want to pay. That means you can pick a deductible from $0 to $1,000 and you'll still be covered at 90% after it's been met. The claims at Trupanion will always be hassle-free. You won't be dropped for filing claims, having an unlucky pet or any other reason. All claims with Trupanion are closed within 7 days and they can pay directly to your veterinarian so you don't even have to pay out of pocket!

The cost of your pet insurance is determined by the breed, age, gender and some other factors such as the local cost of your veterinary care. Rates will vary from time to time to reflect the current cost of vet care in your area but your premium will never increase due to filing claims. After all, unexpected incidents is why you have pet insurance in the first place!

Trupanion Coverage Includes:

- Illnesses & Injuries
- Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
- Diagnostic Test
- Surgeries
- Hospital Stays
- Medications
- Veterinary Supplements
- Prosthetic Devices & Carts

Some of you are wondering what is a pre-existing condition that most if not all pet insurance won't cover? It means that the condition happens or shows symptoms before the coverage begins. So for example if your dog breaks a leg and then you apply for pet insurance, it won't be covered.

Other exclusions that won't be covered with Trupanion is:

- Exam Fees
- Sales Tax
- Wellness & Preventive Care
- Pre-existing Conditions

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As with all types of insurance, the cost of pet insurance will be based on your pets breed and age and other factors such as location and which coverage plan you pick. You can get plans where the deductible is $0 and they offer up to 100% reimbursements on vet bills. With Healthy Paws, filing a claim won't increase your premium. Click here to get a free quote so you can get an idea of how much it'll cost. It takes approximately 60 seconds to fill out and you'll get pricing immediately.


trupanion instant paymentI just received an email from this great company! What a surprise. They reviewed a claim that I had on my Goldendoodle and her ear infection without my asking and found out they owed me an additional 51.00. Considering I had been with another insurance company prior to switching to Embrace 3 years ago that was a nightmare, this company has the most outstanding service and caring that I cannot say enough. Of all services that we pay for every day, I believe this is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. - Linda

You guys are amazing. I have told so many people about Embrace that I get teased about being a sales rep! As a veterinarian in the field for 13 years, I have never seen a pet insurance company as courteous, reasonable, fair, or responsive as Embrace. Thank you for making this such a positive experience. If only Embrace would insure people as well!! - Lilan

I have my 3 labs insured with Embrace, and unfortunately one of my labs had to have his tail amputated after a case of "happy tail" led to a terrible sore that would not heal after 5 weeks of bandages, antibiotics, etc... Lea and Carrie were absolutely awesome!!! My veterinarians were so impressed with the personal level of service I received from Embrace that they now have Embraces' information available for other pet owners in their lobby. I can't say enough about how happy I am with my choice of Embrace for my dogs insurance. - Kirsten

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