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The Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) is recognized in the United States under the name Belgian Malinois. They are a medium-sized dog that is from the sheepdog family. They are hard-working, intelligent and obedient. This dog needs to be properly trained from a young age. Abusive, harsh or overly permissive training may result in a dog without the proper attitudes and because of its size and aggressiveness may harm people or other creatures. This is a working dog for an experienced dog owner. They should not be locked up in a kennel because they prefer to be part of the family. This breed has a lot of energy and needs plenty of exercise in order to stay out of trouble. They generally get along well with children, but are dominant towards other dogs.

The Belgian Malinois is a serious obedient dog that can be protective and have territorial instincts. This breed needs socialization at an early age and firm training from an experienced master. They are often used as police or guard dogs but make great family pets. They are loyal, alert and love companionship.

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