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about-pepperThis is Pepper. She's a Morkie. She's awesome. Barks like crazy though. She was our first dog when my wife and I got married. Within a few weeks, she had these weird symptoms...walking along the walls with her head against it...not being able to drink or eat. and just looked so confused. luckily we were able to diagnose it with the vet as liver shunt. we were told not doing anything...she wouldn't have lasted for long so she immediately went into surgery and today she's better than ever. and louder than ever. the surgery was expensive of course but worth every dollar for our furry family member.

i wish i had known more about pet insurance back then and thought that creating a site would be a good idea to help out other pet owners or future ones too. then the site just kinda grew to cover other things and here we are today. tomorrow will be different too as i find new things to add to the site.

hope you find this site useful and enjoy every moment you have your furry buddy!

- Pepper aka the real boss of the house