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Why Is Pet Health Care So Expensive?

pet insurance dogThe facts don't lie. Pet care is getting more and more expensive each year. $15.74 billion for vet care and 14.39 billion for medicine for our pets comes to on average about $235 per routine vet visit (cat get a slightly discounted price of $196). We know keeping our furry friends can be expensive but what can we do to continue to provide care but lower our costs?

Before we get to that, we need to know WHY pet care is going up. New procedures and care are expensive such as surgery and other health care related services. With these newer services for our pets come a greater cost to keep them healthy and happy. For example, certain surgeries that weren't available in the past are now available thanks to new technology. New technology cost money and unfortunately those costs are being passed down to pet owners until such services can eventually be done for less.

So back to the main do we as pet owners save money on these services but at the same time provide enough care? People are finding out more about pet insurance and seeing the benefits of it. insurance isn't for everyone but it's definitely something that EVERYONE needs to take a look at and make sure if they need it or not.

Like human insurance, pet insurance comes with the same lingo and confusion such as deductibles, premiums, co-pays etc. You'll need to unfortunately do your research and find out which pet insurance company is the best fit for you. Luckily for you however, we've compiled a list of the top pet insurance companies we feel are honest and easy to understand. We've also reviewed them to give you more of an idea of what they can do for you. To see our list, click here to see the top pet insurance companies.

Note: Healthy Paws is currently offering 10% off any pet insurance plans. To read our review about Healthy Paws, click here.

Because pets are such an important part of our lives, companies have also started to pay attention and even offer pet insurance as part of their policies. Check with your company to see if they offer such a policy.

Policy: Personalized policy gave Juno a $5,000 Annual Maximum after meeting a $200 annual deductible and a 20% copay.
Actual Vet Bill: $968.36
Reimbursement From Embrace: $774.69
Summary: Because of the personalized plan, for this particular incident, Juno's parents only paid $193.67.

To learn more, please see our complete list of pet insurance companies. All if not most offer you a free quote so you can see which plan is best for you.

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