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pet vet care cost70% increase in health care cost compared to 5 years ago are making pet owners pay more attention to the pet insurance services as reported by multiple pet insurance companies such as Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Co. while Embrace Pet Insurance reports that they've found veterinary fees increased by 85% from 2000 to 2011.

“We do recommend (pet insurance) to people, because just like with people, you want to be able to provide for your pet in a time of need, and veterinary care can be expensive for any budget,” Kimberly Wade, senior manager of communications and events at the Nevada Humane Society, said in an email interview.

Because of rising costs in pet care, over 1.4 million pets are to be insured in North America and it continues to grow each year. Statistically the average premiums for all incidents were approximately $36.08 per month.

So how does pet insurance work? First you'll pick from a group of pet insurance companies (see top 5 list here) and you can get a free quote online from any of the companies. Then you'll pick which plans work best for you. Do you only want coverage for major incidents? Or do you want some coverage that covers even daily vet care. All the pet insurance companies have different plans to suit your needs.

Unfortunately due to each pet being different, there is no one plan fits all which is great because it focuses on what your pet needs are.

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