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I am thrilled with Healthy Paws! If only my people health insurance were this easy to use - just snap a photo of your bill and submit via their smartphone app! My pup had two unexpected illnesses and the claims were processed quickly and courteously. I spent a lot of time researching the various Pet insurance companies and I'm so happy I choose Healthy Paws! - Lauren (Yelp)

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance was started in 2009 and that hasn't stopped from them from improving their coverage and services since then. Did you know they were the first to create an iPhone pet insurance app? Customers found it faster and easier to file a claim and Healthy Paws was able to approve claims faster too. With the app, you can easily change any information without having to contact customer service unless it's needed.

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  • Coverage - Unlimited Lifetime Benefits
  • Claims - No Claims Limit
  • All Accidents & Illnesses Covered
  • No Restrictions On Hereditary & Congenital Conditions

Healthy Paws plans were a bit hard to figure out if you've been looking around at other pet insurance companies and that's because of all the different types of plans everyone offers. But with Healthy Paws, you'll find all the coverage you need under their One Plan. Four Paws. All Covered.

If your pet requires treatment and it's not a pre-existing condition, Healthy Paws will cover it. Here are some of the other situations their plan covers.

- Illnesses & Accidents
- Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
- Chronic Conditions
- Cancer
- Diagnostic Treatments, X-Rays, Blood Test & Ultrasounds
- Surgery & Hospitalization
- Prescription Medicine
- Emergency & Specialty Care
- Alternative Treatments

Some of you are wondering what is a pre-existing condition that most if not all pet insurance won't cover? It means that the condition happens or shows symptoms before the coverage begins. So for example if your dog breaks a leg and then you apply for pet insurance, it won't be covered.

Other exclusions that won't be covered with Healthy Paws is:

- Veterinary Examination Fee
- Spaying & Neutering
- Preventive Healthcare including vaccinations, heartworm medications, nail trim, grooming and others
- Parasite Control such as internal and external parasites
- Dental Health Care - however if injury to teeth is caused by accident, there is coverage for the damage teeth and recontruction
- Anal Gland Expression
- Elective Procedures such as boarding, behavorial modification, training, therapy.

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healthy paws online claims
Submit Claim Online even through your phone! Real-Time Claim Status!

As with all types of insurance, the cost of pet insurance will be based on your pets breed and age and other factors such as location and which coverage plan you pick. You can get plans where the deductible is $0 and they offer up to 100% reimbursements on vet bills. With Healthy Paws, filing a claim won't increase your premium. Click here to get a free quote so you can get an idea of how much it'll cost. It takes approximately 60 seconds to fill out and you'll get pricing immediately.

healthy paws money backI would not choose any other pet insurance other than Healthy Paws. In comparing pet insurance companies, Healthy Paws has an annual deductible and other pet insurance plans are per condition, illness or accident. Being an insurance underwriter I saw that as quite a difference in coverage for the better. When our Riley ate something he should not have, they paid our claim within 5 days of me submitting it!… Thank you, Healthy Paws for being there for us when we needed it. It was so comforting, while waiting for the vet to give us a prognosis on Riley that we knew you would be there to help pay the expenses after he was treated. - Nancy

My dog got hit by a car and required back surgery in order to walk again. Without Healthy Paws I wouldn't have been able to afford her the care she needed. If you have a pet, don't hesitate to make the minimal monthly contribution to insure their health. A life-changing accident or illness becomes a lesson in hope instead of tragedy with Healthy Paws on your side. Not only is filing a claim quick and easy, but their customer service communicates on a personal level and makes working with them seem like you're dealing with a friend. - Carmen

I count my blessings every day that I enrolled with Healthy Paws when Huxley was a young puppy, never knowing that he would face major leg deformities when he grew. Without this surgery he would face a potentially short and painful life. Thank you so much for the easy and quick claim process. I recommend you to every single one of my pet owner friends. - Julia

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