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Why Healthy Paws Is A Better Choice Than Pets Best

You've already made the first correct decision by deciding to get pet insurance for your dog or cat. The 2nd decision will be which pet insurance company should you pick? There's a handful of companies out there but which one is the best for your situation? If you're deciding between Healthy Paws and PetsBest, here's a simple chart to get you started.


Let's go over the main points from the chart so you'll understand the difference between them.

At the time of this article, Pets Best limits on benefits ranges from $1,000 to $20,000 annually. This results in limits also placed on your claims payouts. Pet insurance is there to cover the unexpected and usually the unexpected can cost A LOT. There's no way to tell what will happen in the future and knowing that with Healthy Paws you have unlimited benefits and claims limit gives you that peace of mind when it comes time to take care of the expenses.

If your pet has a problem that is considered hereditary or congenital, you'll find coverage restrictions with Pets Best. For example, hereditary condition coverage with Pets Best is only covered if your pet is enrolled before it's 2nd birthday. They also exclude common genetic conditions (such as hip dysplasia/patella luxation/etc) and have waiting periods when it comes to those issues. Healthy Paws does not restrict coverage when it comes to hereditary and congenital issues.

Watch this video about Atlas's story on how veterinary bills added up more than they ever expected.

To learn more about each pet insurance company, please read our reviews below. Also, for our visitors who do decide to go with Healthy Paws, they're offering a 10% discount off their coverage if you sign up today. Also note that you can get a free quote from both companies before deciding which one is best for you.

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