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A tri-colored dog of large size, the “Berner” is recognized by its distinctive tricolor pattern: body, neck, legs, cranium and ears black; cheeks, stockings and eyespots rich tan, toes, chest, muzzle, tail tip and blaze between the eyes white. The pattern is rigid and varies only slightly in the amount of white. A perfectly-marked individual gives the impression of a white “Swiss cross” on the chest, when viewed from the front in sitting position. The eyes are an expressive dark brown. The breed is a sturdy and heavy dog with a very weather resistant coat.

This breed is an affectionate, loyal, faithful, and intelligent dog that makes an excellent family pet. They love children and are easy to train. They may remain puppy-like for awhile because they are slow to mature. The Bernese loves to be around people and should be left alone outside.

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