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The Antolian Shephard Dog is a large, noble guardian dog. The head is large but in good proportion with the rest of the body. The skull is wide and slightly rounded with pendant ears that are small with rounded tips. The small, deep-set eyes range from gold to brown in color. Lever colored dogs have brown eye rims and a brown nose. Nose and eye rims for all other dogs should be black. The short, rough coat is generally fawn with a black mask, though any color is acceptable. There are two basic coat types: medium length and medium long.

This dog is not for beginners as it is independent and forceful. It is loyal and alert, calm and brave. This breed is affectionate to its owner but suspicious of strangers. This Anatolian Shepherd is possessive to its home and property. Training should begin early because it becomes too strong and big as an adult. They are patient with children but may knock them down due to their size.

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