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summer dangers for petsSummer is a great time for everyone to get together and have fun. Pets love it too but there are some things you'll need to pay attention to during this summer if you don't want to be visiting the vet. Pets are 6% more likely to visit a vet this summer unexpectedly compared the rest of the year according to PetPlan Pet Insurance.

So what makes summer a time where pets go to the vet more often?

1. THE HEAT! - summer = more outdoor time = more sun and heat. Pets can easily get heat-related conditions such as heat stroke, dehydration and heat rash. Pay extra attention if you have boxers, bulldogs and even pugs. Signs of trouble for heat related symptoms is heavy panting, lethargy and weird behavior. Just remember to keep them in the shade, plenty of water and NEVER LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR.

2. INSECTS ARE HERE! - being outdoor means more exposure to other animals such as insects. Most likely culprit are bees. Bee stings can range from mild symptoms such as redness and swelling to more serious symptoms such as allergic shock. If you see your pet having difficulty breathing or vomiting, they'll require immediately vet care.

3. YUMMY FOOD - summer means food and fruits and grapes/raisins are a no-no for pets. They can easily fall off the table onto the ground where your pet will most definitely eat it. Not only are they toxic to your pets, the average cost to treat such an incident can cost you up to $756 dollars or more. Fruits such as grapes can cause acute kidney failure and pay attention to signs such as vomiting and diarrhea.

So stay safe this summer by paying attention to these 3 reasons and you and your pet will have a great summer!

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