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The Best Cat Tree Tower

Cat trees are great for indoor cats as they serve many purposes. Make sure you consider the height of it as cats tend to like it high enough for them to see everything around them. You'll find your cat using it as a bed, hideaway or a playhouse. Most cat tree are made of wood and then covered with carpet so make sure the quality is high enough to put up with the wear and tear of your cat. We've researched and pick some of the best cat tree towers currently available.

cattower-gopetclub-F2040 Go Pet Club Cat Tree (F2040)5 stars
- #1 Best Selling Cat Tree
- Easy To Assemble
- Overall Size: 50x26x72"
-Dimensions: 8x5.25x1.55
- 10 Posts and 15 Levels Included
Sale Price: $71.99

cattower-gopetclub-jungle Go Pet Club Cat Tree - JUNGLE5 stars
-Oversize: 62Wx35Lx77H
- Easy To Assemble
- Multiple Levels Of Fun
- Jungle Decor
- Easy Access Levels
Sale Price: $90.99
You save: $1.00 (1%)

cattower-trixie Trixie Altea Cat Tree5 stars
- Wrapped Soft Plush Fabric
- Natural Sisal Scratching Post
- Top Platform w/ Extra Padding
- Dangling Pom Toy
- Dimensions: 16x16x46
Sale Price: $23.52

Cats towers are basically a play area for your cat in an enclosed area. There are many different types of towers but most consist of different levels and can include scratching posts and a box-like home for them to hide out in. There are simple ones to super complex ones. It all depends on what you think your cat would prefer. They are necessary because cats naturally love to climb, scratch and jump. Unless you want your cat climbing all over your furniture and knocking things over, you'll want a cat tower.

Cat towers are made out of plywood or particle board. You can get ones that are made of solid wood but we wouldn't recommend that as cat towers are always covered up with some kind of plush material.

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