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The Top 3 Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs

Looking for a bark collar for your small dog? It's true that the smaller the dog, the bigger the bark. But unless you're able to train and be consistent, it's hard to keep a small dog from barking all the time. When a car drives by, someone rings the doorbell or maybe a squirrel runs by, once a small dog starts barking, it's hard to make them stop.

OUR K9 Petsafe OUR K9 Petsafe5 stars
- 4 lbs & Up
- Uses Vibration Not Shock
- 3 Free eBooks Included
- Includes Spare Batteries
- Reflective for Low Light Safety
Sale Price: $27.45
You save: $32.50 (54%)

Bark Control Pro< Bark Control Pro5 stars
- 7 Levels Of Feedback
- Adjustable Sensitivity
-Works With Dogs 10lbs to 120lbs
- Training Guide & Video Included
- Doggy Tested and Trainer Approved
Sale Price: $32.90

Petsafe Elite Little Dog Petsafe Elite Little Dog5 stars
- 10 Adjustable Static Simulation
- Patented Detection Picks Up Only Your Dog's Bark
- Safely Shuts Off After 80 Seconds
- Water Resistant
- For Up To 55lbs
Sale Price: $85.95
You save: $24.04 (22%)

Why Do You Need A Bark Collar?
Congratulations on your new puppy or adopted dog! Now comes the hard part of potty training and of course training them to not always bark if you happen to have a barker of a dog. There are many different methods of controlling your dog's barking but one method which does work for people is a bark collar. But why do you need a bark collar? You could take them to classes (which we recommend) but sometimes you also need that additional training support and that's where a bark collar comes in. Now, a bark collar won't harm your dog. It'll remind them with either vibrations or a small shock to stop barking. All dog collars have safety features built in where if a dog continues to bark, it'll shut off to protect your dog.

Now that you understand how it works, what do you need to look out for? There are some that uses vibration which works and of course sometimes it doesn't work. Some find that the ones that uses a small shock work well and of course some don't. We found that for those with an 'ok' barking problem, the vibration one would work fine but those with a real barking dog (that just won't stop), the collars with the shock was more effective.

Note that because you use a bark collar, that doesn't mean you can stop training them. A dog that will eventually stop barking on command is one that is continuously trained. Never just rely on a bark collar.

best small dog bark collar
Our K9 Yellow Pet Safe Dog Bark Collar
We picked the OUR K9 Yellow Pet Safe Dog Bark Collar because for smaller dogs, we felt that the vibration instead of shock collar would be sufficient enough to snap them out of their barking session. However, some small dogs will need more convincing than some vibrations so the other two options above would be great alternatives too.


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