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Healthy Paws or Pets Best Insurance? »

Why Healthy Paws Is A Better Choice Than Pets Best You've already made the first correct decision by deciding to get pet insurance for your dog or cat. The 2nd decision will be which pet insurance company should you pick? There's a handful of companies out there but which one is... [Read more]

The Best Cat Tree Tower »

The Best Cat Tree Tower Cat trees are great for indoor cats as they serve many purposes. Make sure you consider the height of it as cats tend to like it high enough for them to see everything around them. You'll find your cat using it as a bed, hideaway or a playhouse. Most cat tree... [Read more]

Pet Insurance Is The New Employee Benefit »

Pet Insurance Is The New Employee Benefit Companies are starting to learn that some perks that used to work to lure employees to their company are starting to lose their luster as more companies are offering the same thing. So what's something different that they can offer that is... [Read more]

A Quick Guide To Pet Psychics »

A Quick Guide To Pet Psychics You've heard of psychics for people but have you ever heard of a psychic for pets? Did you know that this even existed? There are many different types of psychics where some are gifted in connecting people together while others have a talent to connect... [Read more]

Top 3 Best Dog Leash »

The Top 3 Best Dog Leash A dog leash of course is a must have but a retractable dog leash makes walking your dog much easier and it's safer overall. There's not too much magic behind a retractable dog leash. You just need it to work properly and make sure it's sized right for your... [Read more]

Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs »

The Top 3 Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs Looking for a bark collar for your small dog? It's true that the smaller the dog, the bigger the bark. But unless you're able to train and be consistent, it's hard to keep a small dog from barking all the time. When a car drives by, someone... [Read more]

How To Save Money With BarkBox »

 What's The Bark about BarkBox? BarkBox is a monthly delivery of awesome dog stuff that'll make your buddy excited and entertained for the entire month. Each BarkBox comes with at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats and snacks and a chew based on a specific theme... [Read more]

Why Is Pet Health Care So Expensive? »

 Why Is Pet Health Care So Expensive? The facts don't lie. Pet care is getting more and more expensive each year. $15.74 billion for vet care and 14.39 billion for medicine for our pets comes to on average about $235 per routine vet visit (cat get a slightly discounted... [Read more]

Are Pet Owners Getting Pet Insurance? »

Are more pet owners getting pet insurance? Reports and research says yes. There are a number of reasons why but the most obvious one is because of the emotional bond that pet owners have with their pets. They're just like a family member to them and you want to make sure they're taken... [Read more]

70% Increase In Pet Vet Care Costs »

70% increase in health care cost compared to 5 years ago are making pet owners pay more attention to the pet insurance services as reported by multiple pet insurance companies such as Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Co. while Embrace Pet Insurance reports that they've found veterinary... [Read more]

3 Reason Why Summer Can Be Dangerous To Your Pet »

Summer is a great time for everyone to get together and have fun. Pets love it too but there are some things you'll need to pay attention to during this summer if you don't want to be visiting the vet. Pets are 6% more likely to visit a vet this summer unexpectedly compared the rest... [Read more]